Repairing Your Bathtub To Improve The Look Of Your Bathroom

Refinishing your bathtub can have a dramatic impact on the way your whole bathroom looks. Although a fresh coat of paint or new tile can make your bathroom look better, a chipped, stained, or damaged bathtub can keep your bathroom looking dated and worn out.

Unfortunately, replacing a bathtub can be an expensive, messy, and difficult process, so if your bathtub is still in overall good condition, it may be more cost effective to refinish or reglaze it. Which option is best for your bathtub will depend on how much time you want to put into the project, the current state of your bathtub, and what look you want for your bathroom when the project is finished.

Your bathtub refinishing company can provide expert advice for your bathroom and perform repairs, refinishing, and reglazing so that your bathtub looks brand new!

Refinishing & Reglazing a Tub in Arizona

What Is Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing is the all-encompassing process of restoring a tub, which can include repairs to the structure of the bathtub, resurfacing, elimination of rust, deep cleaning of grime and mineral deposits, buffing, and reglazing or sealing. Professionals tend to use the term refinishing to describe the entire Phoenix bathtub repair process from start to finish.

What Is Bathtub Reglazing?

Reglazing is the final step in the bathtub refinishing process, and refers to a specific professional coating that finishes the exterior of the tub. After your contractor has repaired the body of the bathtub, filled and smoothed over any chips, and buffed the entire tub, it’s time for reglazing: a fresh coat of paint or glaze coating that seals and finishes the bathtub. After reglazing, the bathtub is ready to use!

Does My Bathtub Need Refinishing Or Reglazing?

The best way to know how much repair your bathtub needs is to contact your Phoenix bathtub refinishing company for a free estimate. Some tubs will only need some buffing and a fresh application of a final coat of glaze, while others will need extensive repairs before they can be sealed and finished.

Some other considerations are how much work you are willing to put into the bathtub, how much time you have for the project, whether there are any other bathrooms in your home, and your budget for the project.

Amount Of Work Required

There are several steps to reglazing a tub, although the exact process will vary depending on which materials you choose to use. To start the Phoenix bathtub reglazing process, your professional will thoroughly clean the entire surface of the tub. An acid will be applied to roughen the surface of the bathtub so that the glaze adheres better and becomes more resistant to peeling and chipping. Your glaze of choice is carefully applied to the surface of the bathtub and left to cure. Finally, the tub is sanded, buffed, and polished.

Refinishing a tub will require much more labor. The process of fixing any chips, damaged areas, and rust can take a significant amount of time and must generally be done in several stages. Once the repairs are complete, the tub will need to undergo the same reglazing process to get it sealed and finished.

Although refinishing a tub can put a whole bathroom out of commission for a few days and is more work, the end results are worthwhile. If Phoenix bathtub reglazing is the only work you’re having done, it’s likely that you’ll be able to continue to use the rest of the bathroom.

Time To Complete The Project

It’s important to consider how long you’re willing to live without your bathtub. Refinishing your tub will likely take more time because there are several additional steps involved, with a waiting stage between each step as the materials cure or dry.

Reglazing your bathtub can take as little as 1-2 days as long as there are no unexpected issues during the process, while refinishing may take a bit longer.

Budget For The Project

It’s usually less expensive to reglaze an existing bathtub than it is to repair or replace it, although the exact cost of the project will depend on the condition of your existing bathtub, its size, what type of glazing you want applied, and other factors. In some cases, refinishing the tub is the best option and is still likely to be cheaper than replacing the tub altogether.

Regardless of whether you choose refinishing or reglazing for your tub, you’re sure to love the results! Get in touch with your Phoenix tub refinishers to learn more about these processes and which is recommended for your bathtub.

Schedule Your Bathtub Refinishing Or Reglazing With An Expert Contractor

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