What To Consider Before Installing A Grab Bar

How & Where To Install Bathroom Grab Bars

Grab bars are a great addition to any home because they offer much-needed support and stability in the bathroom and other areas at home. They can also be helpful for those with mobility issues, including balance problems or limited range of motion. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss important considerations before installing Mesa bathroom grab bars.

 Grab bars in a Todd’s Bathtub in Arizona

Basic Guidelines For Bathroom Grab Bars

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides detailed guidelines to install grab bars in bathrooms. For example, if you want to offer maximum accessibility, the top of the horizontal grab bars must be installed at a height of 33 to 36 inches from the floor. Furthermore, all grab bars should be able to support at least 250 lbs. of weight. 

If you want to remodel your home to make it more accessible, you need to hire a trusted remodeling company. Otherwise, you could regret the results. 

Grab bars must also be entirely sturdy. For that, the contractor must install them into the studs with additional wood support in the walls. Fiberglass showers are especially sensitive to dangerous installations since there are big gaps of space between the unit’s wall studs and the wall of your bathroom. 

Contractors will be able to locate stud sites and gently drill into them without harming the structure, although opening up the walls for additional reinforcement is frequently necessary.

Grab bars must meet these requirements to make them as safe as possible. Following this criteria is not easy without professional guide, which is why we suggest hiring a contractor to install Mesa bathroom grab bars successfully.

Aspects To Consider Before The Installation


The placement of a grab bar is the most essential factor to consider. It should be placed near the toilet, shower, tub, or any other area where you frequently stand or sit. 

You must install grab bars in areas with easy reach, and in places where you have plenty of room to maneuver. Make sure to measure the space before you purchase a bar to ensure it fits.


Grab bars should be strong and sturdy to ensure maximum support. Look for bars that are made from stainless steel, as this material is rust-resistant and extremely durable. Also, make sure they are safely mounted to the wall. It’s important that the grab bar is securely attached to provide stable support.


Safety is another top-priority when installing a grab bar. Be sure to read the installation instructions carefully and use the appropriate mounting hardware for a secure setup. It’s also important to inspect the grab bar regularly to ensure it’s in proper working condition.

Choosing A Beautiful Style & Finish

Attractive shower grab bars frequently enhance the overall design of bathroom renovations.

Think again if you’re picturing Mesa bathroom grab bars made of basic chrome. Traditional-style decorative grab bar alternatives are available in brass, gold-plated, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. Satin nickel is a great option for a contemporary bathroom for a more contemporary look. 

Do you want to bring some lightness and joy? To match your modern bathroom fixtures, several manufacturers now provide grab bars with curved and waved forms.

The Importance Of Grab Bars In The Bathroom

We all know that falling in the bathroom due to damp surfaces is common, yet individuals seem unmotivated to install grab bars. Grab bars are essential if you have reduced strength, experience discomfort, have poor balance, or have faulty vision. Grab bars are also important for:

We all know that falling in the bathroom due to damp surfaces is common, yet individuals seem unmotivated to install grab bars. Grab bars are essential if you have reduced strength, experience discomfort, have poor balance or are dizzy, or have impaired vision.

  • Extra comfort and stability when entering and exiting the bath or shower.
  • Reduced risk of falling and improved safety when feeling ill.
  • Taking the strain off your joints or other uncomfortable areas of your body.
  • More freedom and peace of mind.

In short, you should consider Mesa bathroom grab bars if you cannot use the bathroom safely due to physical difficulties.

You can opt for different placements depending on your difficulties. These are:

Furthermore, proper placement and a non-slip surface are necessary for maximum benefit:

  • Vertical Positioning: It is excellent for helping you to stand from a bath or shower seat. Ideal at the shower entrance, over a bath, or in a wetroom.
  • Horizontal Positioning: A wall-mounted rail around 10cm above the bath’s rim might be quite useful for standing to get out of your bath. 
  • Diagonal Positioning: If you have wrist weakness, diagonal placement is best since you can rest your forearms on the rail and get additional support. 

Learn More With The Pros

If you want to learn more about grab bars or you wish to schedule a bathroom remodeling, Get in touch with Todd’s Bathtubs now. You can also browse our galler to see our most recent bathroom renovation projects and get more design ideas! 

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