Bathtub Repair, Shower Repair, Sink Repair

Chips, Scratches, Cracks, Stained or Worn Areas and Some Rust

An example of a recent bathtub repaired by Todd's Bathtubs in Mesa Arizona

When daily wear and tear, as well as overuse cause damage to your bathtubs, showers and bathroom sinks, the professionals at Todd’s Bathtubs can help. The surfaces in your bathrooms are typically made out of fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, or cast iron, and can be professionally repaired by the experts at Todd’s Fiberglass & Porcelain Repair in Mesa. Renew the look of your tub, shower or bathroom sink with the top rated professionals at Todd’s Bathtubs!

Surfaces We Repair

The Team At Todd’s Bathtubs Can Help Repair The Following Types Of Surfaces

    • Porcelain

Sometimes, porcelain tubs, showers, bathroom sinks and countertops can become chipped or damaged because of overuse or sometimes even rough usage. At Todd’s Bathtubs, we can repair and restore your cracked, chipped, or stained porcelain tub, shower, sink, or countertop!

    • Fiberglass

When considering the affordability of a fiberglass tub, you should also consider its poor durability. Luckily, the expert bathtub restoration crew at Todd’s Bathtubs can repair your cracked, stained, or chipped fiberglass bathtub with quality in mind!

    • Acrylic

Although there are many benefits to having an acrylic bathtub or shower, including its long lifespan and lack of discoloring over the years, it can sometimes obtain many cracks and chips through its life. To extend the longevity of your acrylic tub or shower, trust the top rated professionals at Todd’s Bathtubs!

    • Cast Iron

Although cast iron tubs can be quite durable at times, they can still retain chips and need to be repaired by a top rated bathtub and shower expert. The professionals at Todd’s Bathtubs are qualified to take care of your cast iron bathtub!

An example of a recent bathtub repaired by Todd's Bathtubs in Mesa Arizona

The Repair Process: We repair and fill damaged area as necessary and spray acrylic polyurethane to match existing color.

Picture of a bathtub shower chip repair by Todds Bathtubs in Mesa AZ

REPAIRS of Shower or Tub Cracked Floors

Fiberglass tub or shower floors often crack or even break open, allowing water to cause severe damage underneath.

Repair Time Required (estimated)

The repair process takes an estimated 1-2 hours to complete.

Warranty for Repairs

Todd’s provides a 2 year limited Warranty on chip/scratch repairs, cracked floors and weak floor repairs, countertops, bathroom sinks, and tile refinishing. Some exceptions may apply.

We Strive To Keep Our Clients Happy, See What Our Recent Clients Are Saying!

I was Very Impressed!

SuzanneMesa Todds repaired a worn area of tub & blended repair with rest of tub. It was totally seamless. It looked like there was no repair work done. 5 Star Reviews of Todds bathtubs Porcelain and Fiber Glass Repair In Mesa Arizona

They Did An Excellant Job!

LeslieMesa The porcelain tub was in great shape underneath the paint and I didn’t have to refinish it, just repair it. Will definitely recommend them. 5 Star Reviews of Todds bathtubs Porcelain and Fiber Glass Repair In Mesa Arizona

Great Service!

JanScottsdale Our tub/shower floor looked better than when we bought the house new! 5 Star Reviews of Todds bathtubs Porcelain and Fiber Glass Repair In Mesa Arizona

I Highly Recommend Todds Bathtubs!

BarbaraGilbert Todd’s was able to fix the crack in the shower floor. They did an awesome job. 5 Star Reviews of Todds bathtubs Porcelain and Fiber Glass Repair In Mesa Arizona

Cracked Floor Repair Process

1st Day, 3-4 hours: Re-establish the tub or shower floor strength by injecting foundation foam material or adding concrete under the tub or shower floor for support. Then we re-build the floor with fiberglass matting and a layer of resin.

2nd Day, 3-4 hours: We sand the resin making it smooth and apply layers of acrylic polyurethane top coat and allow it to dry and cure 24-48 hours.

Bathtub, Shower and Sink Repairs by Todd's Porcelain & Fiberglass Repair

Additional Services By Todds Bathtubs

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Refinish Bathtub, Shower & Sink by Todd's to look NEW!

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