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Since 1978, Todd’s is a licensed and bonded contractor with the State of Arizona Register of Contractors for residential and commercial work. Our ROC record is listed as Save Bucks LLC. We carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance, General Liability and Auto Insurance on all of our company-owned service trucks. We DO NOT use Sub-contractors. All of our Company Technicians/Craftsmen are company trained and certified to provide the highest quality of service. The company trucks and personnel  are dispatched to stay in close contact. We have an A+ rating in excellent standing with the Arizona Better Business Bureau and an A rating since 2006 by Angie’s List , plus awarded numerous Super Service Awards.

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Todd’s provides a five (5) year non-transferable limited Warranty on refinished bathtubs and showers. A signed contract is required for the warranty to be effective. Some exceptions may apply. BEWARE of a company that provides a warranty longer than they have been in business – Todd’s has honored its warranties since 1978.

Todd’s provides a two (2) year limited Warranty on chip/scratch repairs, cracked floors and weak floor repairs, countertops, bathroom sinks, and tile refinishing. Some exceptions may apply. All commercial refinishing for rental properties carry a two (2) year limited warranty.



Since 1978, throughout the Greater Phoenix area and Maricopa County, Todd’s Porcelain & Fiberglass Repair (Save Bucks LLC) has serviced over 150,000 homeowners, residential builders, plumbers, hotels, senior venues and hospitals, more than all of our competitors combined.
‘You Bet! Todd’s has pioneered the repair and refinishing of porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic and cultured marble tubs, showers, bathroom sinks, countertops, and tile surrounds.
Nothing, refinishing, resurfacing and reglazing are all the same!
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects often save time and money, but refinishing a bathtub is NOT one of them. Save yourself some time and money and call a licensed, bonded & insurance Bathtub Refinishing company like Todd’s. Bathtub refinishing, shower resurfacing or bathroom sink reglazing is a process that requires special equipment, skilled talent and expertise to get a high quality look and feel. It takes hundreds of hours of practice and experience in applying the new spray-on surface for the finish to turn out evenly smooth and glossy. A do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing kit will never be able to match the glossy finish or smooth feel that our high quality experienced technician can obtain. Some jobs simply need more skill, and reglazing a bathtub is one of them. We have re-done a lot of these DIY jobs, ultimately costing the homeowner much more than if a professional had done the job in the first place.
Our prices are based on the cost of materials and labor to do the work, do it right and provide a warranty. Our Craftsmen are trained to do their best job for our customers. BEWARE, there will always be unlicensed, uninsured people in any business that will do a CHEAPER job, and in this industry, you get what you pay for. A refinish job nationwide runs between $450 and $550 for a standard porcelain bathtub. Do your homework and check references.
Yes! Our competitors will tell you it cannot be done, because they want to sell you a complete refinish job. At Todd’s we have perfected the process of blending colors to match your tub and can repair that chip or worn spot. However, for tubs with more than four or five chips, a refinish may be recommended, to give the best look possible.
Rusted tubs are costly to replace. NEVER wait until the rust spreads – it can be like a cancer. Often rust is spotted near the drain or tub overflow. More damage can occur and instead of costing you only a repair or refinish fee, it could cost thousands to replace the tub. Keep in mind, you would not only replace the tub but also the plumbing, walls, tile, grout etc. Call us to repair or refinish the rust before it is too late.
Ask yourself, is anything new today made as well as yesterday? Replacement fixtures are almost always made with less quality. Refinishing your existing bathtub/shower will look like new, at a fraction of the cost. In most cases, we will save you up to 80% of the cost of replacement and all work will be done in a fraction of the time you would experience in replacing your bathroom fixtures. In addition, NO demolition work is required – we need only 8-9 hours, NOT 8+ days needed to replace a tub or shower!

NEVER use abrasive cleaners such as Ajax or Comet. Even Soft Scrub is mildly abrasive. Bar Keepers Friend may be used occasionally. Clean your tub after each use and rinse thoroughly to eliminate soap haze that builds up. Call Todd’s at 480 835 7070. DO NOT use conventional suction cup bathmats or “stick on flowers or stripes.” CLEAN TUB AFTER EACH USE & rinse it thoroughly to eliminate soap haze buildup. Even though the surface may not look dirty, it should be cleaned at least once a month with a mild liquid soap.

Todd’s can apply a non-slip type finish on your bathtub or shower floor. And Todd’s sells an imported bathmat designed for refinished tubs and removed after each use. Do not hang the mat over the side of the tub, but roll it up and store it.
We offer six basic colors in the white, off white, almond color tones. To order Special Order Colors (additional charge applies), call us at 480 835 7070.