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Todd’s Porcelain & Fiberglass Repair CARE TIPS: REFINISHES & REPAIRS

When your tub, shower, sink or countertop has been professionally refinished, to retain the beauty of the surface, we recommend the following:


NOTE: Damage is not covered by the Warranty.

  • NEVER USE hair dyes or abrasive cleaners such as Ajax, Comet, bleach ammonia, Soft Scrub, scratch pads, or S.O.S. Pads, as these will damage the surface of any bathroom surface and void most warranties. We recommend the use of mild liquid soaps or Bar Keepers Friend.
  • CLEAN AFTER EACH USE & rinse it thoroughly to eliminate soap haze buildup. Even though the surface may not look dirty, it should be cleaned at least once a week with a mild non-abrasive liquid soap or cleaner and a soft rag. Avoid scrub brushes.
  • DO NOT use conventional suction cup bathmats or “stick-on” type non-skid flowers, stripes etc. as this will damage any bathtub finish and void your warranty.
  • DO NOT leave shave cans or any metal can on tub surface as rust will damage the new surface as it would any bathroom surface.
  • DO NOT bathe your pets in the tub or sinks.
  • DO NOT hang the mat over the side of the tub. If you must use a bathmat, roll it up after each use and put it away. The bath soap should be kept in the soap tray to avoid soap scum build up in the tub.

CALL Todd’s to have Mesa bathtub chips repaired to prevent additional damage. Chips are not covered under most warranties – they are considered damage.

FOR YOUR SAFETY, Todd’s sells an approved imported bathmat or we can apply a non-slip grit to your tub or shower floor.

CALL TODD’S at 480-835 7070 to purchase our approved imported bathmat.

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