The Main Causes Of Cracked Bathroom Sinks

Your bathroom sink is one of your most important fixtures in the home. It’s the perfect place to wash your hands and brush your teeth, but all too often, it can also become a haven for water leaks and other problems. Fortunately, repairing bathroom sink cracks is relatively easy and won’t take long when you hire the right people.

Any cracks in your bathroom indicate something bigger, so you should fix them as soon as possible with a trusted contractor. A Gilbert bathtub crack repair is essential to keep your bathtub and bathroom sinks in good condition. 

Read on to see why it is so important. 

Cracked Bathroom Sink in Arizona

Why Is Your Bathroom Sink Cracking?

The following factors are the most typical causes of bathroom sink cracking in Australian homes:

Abrupt Changes In Temperature

Bathroom sinks are susceptible to harm from extreme temperature variations, much like many other household items or fixtures.

Temperature shock can cause swelling and cracking of porcelain and enamel.

Damage From Impacts

When heavy or sharp items strike porcelain, they can crack.

Rust Accumulation

Many vanity and bathroom sink companies use metals to enhance the durability of the porcelain. Unfortunately, metal rusts when exposed to water and moist air over an extended period.

Your bathroom sink may bulge, deform, or develop fractures as a result of rust buildup.


Each material ages with time. Bathroom sinks may start to develop hairline fractures at that age.

You should fix these hairline cracks as soon as you can. This way, you can extend the lifespan of your sink.

We understand that it might be difficult to repair these issues, which is why we recommend leaving Gilbert bathtub crack repair only to the experts. 

Bigger Dangers Of Cracks In Bathroom Sinks Or Basins

Bathroom sink cracks, if unattended, can result in

  • Surface distortion
  • Increased mold growth
  • Water leaking and causing damage to your internal walls and vanities

The same is true for cracks in your bathtub or shower. Hence the importance of contacting professionals to repair your bathtub and any vanity in your bathroom. This way, you can avoid long-term damage to your bathroom.

How To Maintain The Sink Or Basin In Your Bathroom

By regularly taking care of your bathroom sink or basin, you can lessen the chance of cracks. The following three simple measures can help you maintain your basin in excellent shape.

Repair The Cracks As Quickly As Possible

You should fix any fractures in your bathroom basin as soon as possible because they can cause more severe issues.

Many people repair their sinks using do-it-yourself methods like epoxy and DIY enamel kits, but there are risks associated. From fragile foundations to hazardous materials, you should avoid DIY projects when trying to repair cracks. 

Any work in such a delicate area as a bathroom requires a professional hand. It’s not recommended to DIY a Gilbert bathtub crack repair

The best option to fix cracks in your bathroom sink (or anywhere else in the bathroom) is to ask for a free quote for repairs or resurfacing. An expert will inspect your basin and decide the best course of action for repairing your bathroom cracks.

Clean Your Sink Regularly

By using non-abrasive cleaning agents, you can lessen the possibility of fractures developing in your sink. Even washing away toothpaste, chemicals, and other debris daily will help to extend the life of your basin.

Use Warm Water Rather Than Hot

Using warm water instead of boiling or hot water reduces the chance of harming your basin significantly.

If you must use a hotter temperature, introduce the change in temperature gradually rather than scaring your sink.

Contact A Top-Rated Contractor In Gilbert

Most bathroom cracks and bruises can be repaired with care and resurfacing.

You can also change the color, design, and feel of your complete bathroom if you opt to resurface your basin rather than replace it.

Moreover, resurfacing typically costs less than replacement, especially if you call Todd’s Bathtubs.

At Todd’s Bathtubs, we can guarantee long-lasting and beautiful work so you can enjoy your bathroom at any time. We can help you repair your bathroom cracks in the best way possible so there’s no danger in the future. Contact us now for more info!

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