4 Excellent Reasons You Should Refinish Your Bathtub

Everything breaks down over time, including your tub. We’re not talking about the plumbing, though that also breaks down. We’re talking about the finish on the tub. The material that covers it. The sheen that gives it its beauty and makes it look appealing after you’ve had a long day on the job. Time can cause that finish to crack, rust to form, paint to peel, and more.

Once your tub starts to look a little worse for wear, you have a few options. You can live with it (unhappily), you can replace your tub, or you can refinish your tub. Here are four excellent reasons you should choose bathtub refinishing in Arizona:

Bathtub Refinishing

Save Money

Bathtub refinishing is much less expensive than replacing a bathtub. Instead of ripping out a tub and putting in a new one, the technician repairs any cracks or other damage and then repaints the tub with special materials and a special process. The tub looks as good as new, and the finish will last for many years.

You will spend a fraction of the cost by opting to refinish your tub arround Arizona rather than replacing it.

Save Time

Removing and replacing a tub is not an easy job. It’s a lot more complicated than cutting some caulk lines and unscrewing some faucets before lifting out the tub. Most tubs are attached to the wall, under the drywall. They are also connected to a series of pipes. If it’s a jacuzzi tub, there’s also electrical wiring involved. In most cases, the tub will have to be cut into pieces to be removed. Sometimes, a wall has to be cut to make room to remove the tub.

Bathtub refinishing can be completed in just a day or two, depending on the size of the tub, the extent of the damage, and other factors.

Reduce Waste

Why buy a whole new tub when you can continue using the tub you currently have? Bathtub and shower refinishing allows you to keep the same tub and give it new life. That means that you don’t have to contribute to the need for more resources to create a new tub. You also won’t be using up fossil fuels by having another tub shipped to you, and you won’t be putting more materials in the landfill.

Bathtub repair and refinishing is the more eco-friendly option. The longer you can use your tub, the fewer resources you will use and the less waste you will create.

Maintain Historic Details

You may have a historic home that has a tub in it that matches the home’s period and architectural style. For example, you may have a cast-iron claw-foot tub that is starting to crack. Or you may have a tub with specialty engravings or other designs.

Replacing the tub would ruin the historic appeal of the bathroom. You can’t find a tub with the same style and character. But you can restore the tub by repairing and refinishing it. In doing so, you’ll have a unique design for your bathroom that you won’t find in any other home you visit.

We live in a disposable society. Everything is made to be cheap, so it has to be replaced quickly. Unfortunately, that generates a lot of waste, and it costs us a lot of time and money that could be better spent. Don’t get caught up in this cycle of consumption! Instead of replacing your bathtub once it starts to wear down, refinish it instead. Your bathtub will look as good as new, and you’ll save a lot of money in the process. You’ll also do your part for the environment.

Todd’s Bathtubs can repair or refinish your bathtub or shower in Mesa and the surrounding area. We can fill cracks, patch some holes, repair rust, and refresh the finish. We work with fiberglass, porcelain, and other types of tubs, including both modern and historic tubs. We have a reputation for getting excellent results, and we have many excellent reviews from our satisfied customers. Contact us today to learn more about our bathtub refinishing or to get an estimate for your job. We can transform your Mesa bathroom and help you stay on budget.

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