Foolproof Fiberglass and Porcelain Bathtub Maintenance: Tips to Keep Your Tub in Excellent Condition

Your bathtub should be an oasis in your home. You should be able to crawl into it at the end of a long day and soak your troubles away. That’s not something you can do if it’s covered in soap scum and bacteria or if the finish is peeling or chipped.

With routine maintenance, your bathtub can always look shiny and new – and can be that inviting sanctuary you need it to be. If you have an older tub that has already suffered neglect, you can call in a bathtub refinishing professional in Mesa to restore it in less time and for less money than getting a new tub. But if you’re bathtub is still in good shape, follow these tips to keep it in excellent condition for a longer time:

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Clean after Every Use

Soap residue, bacteria, and other debris can all build up on your bathtub after use. You may not see it with your eyes, but the layers of grime are slowly building up on the surface of the tub. Over time, that debris can solidify and become very difficult to remove without damaging the tub. Even leaving the debris can cause damage to your tub since it can slowly erode the finish.

You need to clean your bathtub after every use. That’s right: Every. Use. When you get out of the tub, make sure you thoroughly rinse the tub with clean water. Remove any hair, soap bits, or other items from the drain. Then wipe down the tub with a soft cloth and a mild cleanser. You can use a combination of baking soda and water, or you can use something mild like Bar Keepers Friend.

When you are cleaning your tub after each use, you shouldn’t have any need to scrub. Simply wiping down the tub with the mild cleanser should be enough to leave it fresh and clean. Remember to rinse thoroughly when you’re done cleaning.

Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaners

Say you’ve neglected your regular cleaning duties and grime has built up on the tub, or you’ve done something like dye clothes in your tub or use some other colorant that has left a stain. You might reach for tough cleaners like Ajax, Comet, or even bleach.

Never do this.

Abrasive cleaners will damage your fiberglass or porcelain tub. Even something like Soft Scrub can be abrasive and damaging to your tub. If you have stains or debris that require more than the soft cloth and mild cleanser, you need to call in the professionals for help.

Refinish Your Tub

Over time, your tub may start to look a little worse for wear, even if you are caring for it properly. And if the previous homeowners were not as vigilant about caring for the tub, that day could come a little sooner.

Rather than starting over and getting into the tedious job of ripping out the whole tub (and possibly opening up the walls of your bathroom) and replacing it with a new one, you should hire a professional to perform bathtub chip repair and bathtub refinishing. The technician can fill any cracks or small patches of missing finish to make the surface whole again. Then the technician can repaint the whole tub, giving it a beautiful luster once again. You can even change the color if you’re feeling adventurous (or if you have an old pink or blue tub).

Your bathtub should last your whole life with proper care. Make sure you maintain it well, and call in the bathtub refinishing professionals when your tub needs a little makeover. Todd’s Bathtubs offers bathtub and shower refinishing in Mesa and surrounding cities throughout the Valley. We even do bathroom sinks! We can fill cracks and chips and can apply a new finish to make your bathtub or shower look amazing once again. You’ll end up saving a lot of money than if you replaced the tub or shower, and you’ll have the job finished in far less time. You’ll enjoy your bathroom again, and you’ll add value to your home. Call us today to learn more about our refinishing services or to get an estimate.

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