Common Causes of a Cracked Fiberglass Tub and How to Avoid Them

Fiberglass tubs are inexpensive and easy to maintain, making them a popular choice for many homes. They’re attractive tubs that are easy to install and repair. However, they are also prone to damage if you aren’t careful. Specifically, they can become cracked or chipped, which damages their appearances and can undermine their structural integrity.

Before you have to call a Mesa bathtub refinishing expert to repair your fiberglass tub, it’s a good idea to learn how cracks are most commonly caused so that you can try to avoid them. Here are the common causes of cracks for fiberglass tubs and what you need to know about preventing them:

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Abrasive Cleaners

Bathtubs can get really nasty. Soap scum, dirt, hair, and bacteria all collect in the tub, creating stubborn stains and collections that don’t always respond to a quick wipe down. You may bring out the big guns when that happens, like bleach, ammonia, and heavy duty commercial cleaners. While these may get the nastiness out of your tub, they can also weaken the finish and cause damage to the tub.

You should avoid abrasive cleaners in your fiberglass tub. You need only a mild cleanser and soft-bristled brush to clean it. If you need anything more than that, you may need to call a professional cleaner. Avoid bleach, ammonia, and anything containing acid, including citrus cleaners. They will weaken the surface, which can eventually form cracks and even chips.

Heavy Objects

You may have beautiful, decorative items around your tub, such as a small statuette, a nice-smelling candle, or a vase full of flowers. Or maybe you have a metal shower caddy or other accessory. If any of these are knocked down, they can hit your fiberglass tub hard, creating a crack or a chip in the finish.

Fortunately, these stress cracks are typically easy to repair since they only damage the surface of the finish. However, you can avoid these types of cracks altogether by keeping those heavy objects out of your bath. Keep the decorative objects on a shelf in the bathroom, not the window or ledge by the tub, and opt for plastic or lighter weight shower accessories.

Lack of Support

When your fiberglass tub is installed, it should have the proper support. Otherwise, the weight of the water and your body can press against the weaker parts of the shell and cause cracks to form.

Cracks in your fiberglass tub are more than an aesthetic issue. If you don’t get the cracks repaired, they can spread throughout the tub, allowing water to seep through and damage the underlying materials, including your home’s structure. It’s important that you invest in bathtub crack repair and bathtub chip repair as quickly as possible once you notice the damage. You’ll have a beautifully restored tub, and you won’t have to worry about future structural damage.

Todd’s Fiberglass and Porcelain Repair offers bathtub refinishing services in Mesa and the surrounding area. Our experienced professionals can fix chips, cracks, and other damage to your fiberglass or porcelain tub, making it look like new again. You can save a lot of money by investing in bathtub repair rather than getting a new tub. We also offer shower chip repair and crack repair, and we can fix bathroom sinks and vanities with the same finish. Contact us in Mesa today to talk with a bathtub repair specialist and to get a quote for your tub or shower.

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