Keeping our homes safe is important every day of the year.  In June, during National Home Safety Month, Todd’s Bathtub wants to share more options to help keep your bathroom SAFE!

Stepping up, over and into a bathtub is often difficult, especially with those who have challenges with balance.  Todd’s Bathtubs  offers a cost-effective option of “converting a fiberglass tub to a step-in shower.”  View these before & after photos of Todd’s cutdown for more detail!

And for your shower curtain rod, Todd’s installs a permanent, crescent curved shower rod.  WHY permanent, rather than a tension rod?  The shower curtain will allow you more space and visibility for access in and out of the tub.  If you fall, you don’t want to grab onto the curtain and tension rod and have it all fall down on top of you.

And why a shower curtain, rather than glass shower doors?  Since nobody “pIans to fall” you do not want to brace your fall with a piece of glass, right?  Or what if you fall inside the tub and the glass shower doors are closed and you get stuck inside?  View these photos of the curved shower rod, providing you more space inside your tub and providing a permanent shower rod, installed using the world’s strongest grab bar fastener system installed by Todd’s. 

A shower chair or stool with rubber, adjustable height is a good option that will help keep you safe in the shower.  To save 10%, use code AGEPLC” at     

For personalized solutions for YOUR bathroom, have our Independent Living Educator and Strategist vist your bathroom. Contact Kim Kubsch, CAPS, CEAC of Aging in Place Solutions.

Happy Showering and be SAFE!