June is National Home Safety Month and Todd’s Porcelain & Fiberglass Repair wants to help ensure your bathroom is safe!

Does  your shower or bathtub have safety grab bars at the entry AND inside?   And have you had a non-slip surface applied to your tub or shower floor? Or do you use a non-slip bathmat? 

Have you replaced your towel bars with grab bars?  You should – towel bars are not designed to support your weight in the event of a fall.  And Todd’s does not want you to be a statistic: one in three seniors fall in their home each year and over half occur in the bathroom.

Toilets are used several times each and every day.  Does your toilet have grab bars on BOTH sides to help you get up safely?

Todd’s can help you with each of the above safety features for your bathroom – call us today at 480 835 7070 and visit the Safety page on our website! 

To review the safety risks and hazards throughout your home, Todd’s highly recommends you contact their Home Safety Expert for a Home Safety Assessment.