Advantages of a Fiberglass Tub to Step-In Shower Conversion

Not many of us take baths these days. Most of us are too busy to even wait for the tub to properly fill up, let alone to actually soak in the water and enjoy it. A lot of people don’t like taking baths because they don’t like the idea that they are soaking in water that is also used to clean them. Most people prefer to take showers because they are faster and seemingly more cleanly.

Yet most homes come with at least one bathtub. If you are one of the people who prefer showers over baths, you don’t have to resign yourself to dealing with that clunky tub. You can call Todd’s Bathtubs to perform a tub to step-in shower conversion. Here are the top three advantages to investing in a shower conversion:

Bathtub Makeover

Create Space

No matter the style or age of your bathtub, it takes up a lot of space. Not only does a tub take up a lot of floor space, but it also takes up a lot of visual space. It can make a small bathroom look craped, and it can be a visual block even in a larger bathroom.

Improve Access

Again, no matter what style of tub you have, it is going to have a tall side that you have to step over to get inside. That can be awkward and, depending on your health, even difficult. Children can even struggle with getting in and out of a tub. If you injure yourself, you may find it agony trying to get into or out of a tub.

With a shower stall, you just open the door or curtain and walk right in. There might be a small lip at the bottom, but it will be no higher than several inches.

Improve Safety

Getting into and out of a clunky bathtub is not just an issue of comfort or convenience – in many cases, it’s also an issue of safety. It is easy to trip over the side of the tub as you are getting in or out, and that can have you landing hard on tile, the side of the counter, or even the toilet. You can easily break a bone or get a concussion or other serious injury.

You can provide features for your shower to make it even safer by adding things like grab bars and benches. You should also consider adding a texture like a non-slip coating for a bit of traction to your shower to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

You do not have to resign yourself to the old bathroom that your house came with if the style, the layout, or the functionality no longer work for you. You have so many options for improving the look and functionality of your bathroom, including converting your old tub into a step-in shower that is easier and safer to use, and that improves the style of your bathroom. Talk to a bathroom contractor or refinishing specialist about your other options, including shower refinishing, bathtub chip repair, and even bathroom sink repair or refinishing.

Todd’s Bathtubs Fiberglass and Porcelain Repair can help you make your Phoenix bathroom look like new again, or we can help you change the look entirely. Our specialists can perform a fiberglass bathtub to step-in shower conversion, helping you to get more out of your space and to create a more modern and streamlined aesthetic. If there are problems with the finish, we can make those look like new again by repair cracks and providing a new finish. If you want to keep your tub or just freshen up your current shower, we also offer bathtub refinishing and shower refinishing. We can repair cracks and chips, permanently fix old stains and other discoloration, or just change the color (finally getting rid of that Pepto Bismol pink or that milky blue). Call us in Phoenix today to get an estimate for your bathtub or shower refinishing, repair or conversion.

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