into a step-in shower

2 Year Warranty

This tub conversion or “tub cut” to a walk-in shower (for only fiberglass tubs) is designed to help you live safely and independently longer in the comfort of your own home! Todd’s creates a “custom” tub cut – this is NOT a tub sleeve. We have provided thousands of these tub to shower conversions for homeowners and independent living facilities.

Tub Cut Styles

  • Shower curtain – the most popular and less expensive choice.
Convert Bathtub
  • Shower doors.
Convert Bathtub

(curtain and doors are NOT provided by Todd’s)

Tub Cut Conversion Process

  • Custom cut the front side of the fiberglass tub/shower for either a ‘shower curtain opening or a shower door” installation as shown in the photos above.
  • Re-build the hollow area created by the custom cut, with wood and foundation foam to provide strength.
  • Re-cover the opening with fiberglass material. Apply resin coating in preparation for new top coat on cut out surface area.
  • Finish by spraying the reconstructed area with color acrylic polyurethane coating to match the existing tub.
  • Your newly converted shower is ready to use after you allow a 24-48 hour cure time.

Tub to Step-in Shower Conversion Time (estimated)

Shower curtain: 5-7 hours

Shower doors: 5-7 hours plus a second day, due to the wider opening.

Other Features (additional fee applies)

  • Apply a slip-resistant coating to shower floor (texture is permanent and safer than using decals).
  • Imported bathmat to use on shower floor.
  • Install a 5 or 6 foot curved shower curtain rod for extra shower width.
  • 84” handheld shower hose – turn on/off in your hand, avoiding reaching for water controls.
  • Safe Soap to clean your shower floor, as well as other tubs, sinks, tile and countertops!