Clawfoot Tub for Sale in our Mesa, Arizona Shop

todds clawfoot for sale cropped 7.6 (2)

Top View - White Color: 60" wide x 31" deep x 23.5" height, $650

 White Color: 60″ wide x 31″ deep x 23.5″ high Price: $750

Contact us at 480 835 7070 for any of the tubs pictured above or to customize a clawfoot tub in the color of your choice. Maybe a two-tone or a specialty color to compliment your decor! Todd’s offers a five (5) year warranty on newly refinished clawfoot tubs.

Our refinishing process includes:
1.Sand blast and prime coat the under surface to prepare it for a new top coat.
2.Prepare the interior surface of the tub or sink by etching and sanding.
3.Spray on a primer coat that dries quickly to prepare for the new top coat.
4.Spray acrylic polyurethane top coat to cover the old surface.
5.After a 24-48 hour curing period, the surface is buffed to achieve the best luster of the new top coat.